Freelance Writer

Content Writing, Public Relations, Technical Writing, Ghosting

My name is Ray Wyman Jr. I am a California native, and I have more than 30 years of experience as a freelance writer. My resume is full of experiences as a freelance copywriter, freelance content writer, freelance public relations professional. See my LinkedIn profile for references and recommendations. See my blog at Heavypen.

I am a published author of books under my own name and ghosted books for client publishers and authors. I have written dozens of feature articles and profiles for all sorts of business journals and lifestyle magazines. I’ve also had the great privilege of writing a few stories for the Star Trek television franchise. And to boot, I teach middle school elective classes in Journalism, Social Media, and Media Production.

What else do I do?

I entered the field of communications before earning my degree in Journalism in 1983. My mastery of marketing communications accelerated as electronic media became the new standard for publishing and marketing (a smattering of mega and microtrends, ala John Naisbitt’s book). The field of marketing communications and public relations has evolved into one where real professionals are engaged in continuous improvement: they learn, adapt, and grow.

In my case, real-time experiences have reshaped ‘old school’ knowledge into ‘new school’ digital skills and abilities. But I’m not easily dazzled by “the latest and coolest” concepts and technologies. I have blended my considerable experiences with emerging methodology and ever-evolving and ever-changing tools. So, when I work, I look for practical ways to achieve my client’s goals with common sense, bottom line metrics. Yeah – I actually put numbers to my own work to help my clients measure outcomes.

Am I always a winner? Do I always achieve my marketing goals? No. But I know what it feels like to win. I’ll stay on the job on your behalf, making changes and course corrections as needed to ensure that WE win together.

Services offered:

  • Freelance writer and editor: I am chiefly a freelance writer. I have extensive experience writing for health care, engineering (aerospace, petrochemical), business management, law (divorce, criminal, corporate), travel and hospitality, and IT/computing. Thanks to my extensive experience as a technical writer, I can adapt and disseminate complex technical information into concise marketing messages.
  • Freelance content writer: I have extensive experience as a content developer – text, video, and graphic. I ghost blog for professionals. I set editorial structure for your blogs. I know how to generate content ‘silos’ (a method of grouping relevant content to establish keyword authority that increases audience engagement). I write ‘scripts’ for social media, memes, and infographics.
  • Freelance technical writer: I have extensive experience as a technical writer and illustrator. My experience includes highly technical fields including aerospace, computers, consumer electronics, energy, and oil drilling equipment. Most of my technical writing work has been for trouble-shooting guides, maintenance manuals, and training manuals.
  • Freelance public relations: My professional experience includes a full range of PR functions – from planning to execution; for inbound and outbound public relations activities. I have experience with investor relations (SEC reporting requirements, database releases), press kit creation, press release placement (PRWeb, PR Newswire), and by-lined article placement.
  • Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO, SMM, SEM): I group these functions into one area because I have found that there is quite a lot of crossover. Social media marketing and search engine marketing can have lots of impact on targeted search engine results pages (SERP) when they are coordinated with an optimized, low-cost campaign.
  • Project management: I have many years of experience, managing creative workforce assets, planning and executing projects with other writers, designers, and programmers to complete long-term or short-term projects for public relations, research, blogging, website design and development, technical documentation and training projects.
  • Multimedia production: I have many years of experience in audio and video production (shooting and editing). For my local (LA, OC area) clients, I offer limited on-site production capabilities for Web-quality audio and video recording. I also generate blended PowerPoint presentations (animated, video, audio).

And, I have just enough technical savvy to help you with technical support for your WordPress CMS-powered website. I can also help you decode all of the other ‘guru-level’ stuff that makes you want to tear your hair out.

Contact me for an interview or to discuss your project.

See my Blog at Keep in mind, I do a lot of ghosting. It’s important to sharpen my wordcrafting skills by practicing different expository and narrative styles (not to mention, all kinds of subject matter and topics). You’ll also find my articles on other outlets including Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.