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Freelance Copywriter

Have you been searching for an experienced freelance copywriter? You’ll love Ray Wyman’s style. His experience includes content creation, copywriting, keyword research and optimization editing of existing text, blind in-site text placement and more. If you’d like to speak with Ray in person, feel free to call 714-997-3808 or send an email to

Freelance Copywriter
If you’ve been looking for a freelance copywriter but have been discouraged with the lack of talent you’ve found out there so far, take heart; it can take time to find a writer that meets the needs of your agency. Most companies find it to be well worth their efforts once they have found a writer with the expertise in their particular industry.
Ray Wyman is an experienced freelance copywriter with skills that mesh with a wide variety of fields. His understanding of the effect of quality content is one reason why he continuously strives for excellence for his employers.
There are several key benefits to hiring a freelance copywriter that you should consider before making a decision to hire a full time employee to fulfill your company’s marketing needs. A few of the main advantages of hiring freelance include:
- Due to the experience Ray brings to the table, he is able to complete your company’s project quicker and more efficiently than an in-house writer could possible manage. If time is of the essence (and when isn’t it?), hiring Ray could be one of the best decisions you could make with regard to making your schedule.
- Are you looking for some fresh ideas? Even you have a full time writer or writing staff on your payroll, there is no substitute for original, fresh ideas being brought in and used to influence what you already have going for you. A season of working around a completely new perspective on who you are and what you do is like a shot in the arm for your employees that will pay off in dividends for years.
- Although your full-time writing staff may understand what it is that you sell, only the unique outlook of a freelance copywriter can spin the benefits of your goods and services to market them in a new light. Do your writers understand the value of what you bring to your customers? Your freelance copywriter will see it immediately, and translate the value into terms your potential clients can clearly understand.
You may discover after working with a freelance copywriter for a season that you no longer need to employ a full-time writing staff. It may not even take you a season to find out how much value Ray Wyman brings to your company. You’ll find Ray to be just as comfortable working alone as working with your writing staff.
If you’re struggling to meet your marketing goals, meet with Ray Wyman for a consultation. You’ll never regret the decision to hire a freelance copywriter. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to hiring Ray is that his work is always focused on the project that you hire him for. You’re never obligated to go beyond the point of your original contract.
For more information, email Ray at or call Ray at 714-997-3808. Discover the wealth of benefits a freelance copywriter can offer your company.
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