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Freelance Public Relations

Ray Wyman is the experienced freelance public relations writer your company has been looking for. With expertise in planning executions for outbound public relations activities, working for investor relations, press kit creation, press release placement and bylined article placement, Ray Wyman has what it takes. For more detailed information on Ray’s experience you can visit or call 714-997-3838.

Freelance Public Relations
Your business may benefit from hiring a freelance public relations writer who is able to project the most favorable image of your company outward toward the media and toward your potential clients. If you need help shaping the image of your organization or establishing a presence in your industry, contact Ray Wyman by calling 714-997-3808. 
As a freelance public relations expert, Ray’s experience includes a full range of PR functions including the planning and execution of inbound and outbound PR activities. His experience also encompasses investor relations, press kit creation, press release placement and by-lined article placement. The level of expertise required to perform freelance public relations writing is deep and extensive knowledge is required to meet the demands of c company after company. Ray has a proven history in the PR field that you can trust.
As a company, your scope of engagement with the public is understandably limited. Unless you have a writer on staff who has been specifically trained for public relations, you’ll never reach your full potential when it comes to crafting a business image, maintaining that image and using it to its full extent. The good news is that even if you don’t already have a PR writer employed full time with your company, you can obtain all of the benefits of having one (and more) by hiring a freelance public relations writer. You’ll even save money since you’ll hire one only as necessary.
If you’ve ever considered hiring a freelance public relations writer but worried that the quality of work would suffer, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a better quality of PR from a freelance writer than from any other direction you could look. The freelance market is a tough industry; one which hones a writer’s skill, demands continuous research and training to stay in the current loop and which matures the artist, to the point of a fine wine. 
In order to reach your audience and stay in the public eye, you simply must build an identifiable brand, wisely and carefully market it to its fullest extent and obtain that positive publicity that will result in your existing and potential clientele continuously giving thought to who you are and what you do. Making you important in the eyes of the news is the job of a freelance public relations writer. Ray Wyman is the right fit for the job.
Through the relationships that Ray has established and the extensive knowledge he has developed in his career, your business will greatly benefit by bringing him into your firm on a project by project basis or even for long-term work. You’ll find Ray Wyman is able to meet that need your company has been looking to fill in the media relations.
For a consultation with Ray, feel free to send an email to or call 714-997-3808 to speak with him about your upcoming project. You’ll be glad you brought in a specialist who can help move your company in the right direction.
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