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Freelance Writer

Are you searching for a freelance writer to help your full-time staff reach their goals? Ray Wyman offers a wealth of writing services that will…

Freelance Writer
Are you searching for a freelance writer to help your full-time staff reach their goals? Ray Wyman offers a wealth of writing services that will benefit any company looking to provide their writing staff with fresh ideas, assistance in project, management that will result in meeting schedules and much more.
Ray is an accomplished writer in many facets of the field, including being a published author of books both under his own name and as the author of ghosted books for clients. His published works include feature articles and profiles across the journal and magazine board, among other high-profile projects.
Companies work with Ray Wyman for short and long-term projects requiring practical, creative and technical writing assistance with services that include:
- Freelance writing and editorial services
- Content writing
- Technical writing
- Public relations services
- Social media marketing
- Project management
- Multimedia production
- And much more
When it comes to the creation of smart content you can trust Ray with your business goals. Hiring a freelance writer can work to your advantage in the long run in saving your company money and helping you meet your schedules in a timely manner. When the scope of your project does not justify the hiring of a full-time employee, consider the benefits that come with hiring a professional and experienced freelance writer such as Ray Wyman.
If you’re not certain a freelance writer is the right choice for your company project, contact Ray to find out what he brings to the table with regard to the job you have at hand. Determine whether or not his experience will lend weight to the job by looking over his online portfolio that you’ll find on or by asking specific questions that will help you make the right choice. You’ll find Ray to be highly adaptable in a wide range of industries.
While most freelance writers are simply that and little more, Ray offers the advantage of having experience across a broad range of industries that include audio and video production, management and collaboration with other writers, designers and programmers, experience with the latest SEO and marketing techniques, work in public relations and even technical writing and illustrating. If you’re searching for a freelance writer that truly has more to offer than most others out there, Ray is an excellent choice.
As a professional freelance writer, you can expect Ray Wyman to fill the shoes you hire him to fill once he’s hired. For an interview with Ray, contact him by calling 714-997-3808 or send an email to You’ll find Ray to be knowledgeable in a range of areas that will surely meet your business needs.
Hire the freelance writer who offers much more than just exceptional writing skills. Ray Wyman offers freelance writing for a range of business documents including proposals, prospectus presentations and business plans, is able to create the kind of content that engages your audience, designs websites & executive videos and much more. You’ll get what you’re paying for when you hire a professional. Call Ray today.
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