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Freelancing since 1993

Below are the highlights of my work as a freelance writer. You may find a more complete overview from my LinkedIN profile and my printable resume from Heavypen. When you are done here, please check out my portfolio.

Freelancing Highlights

Heavypen Communications

I started my career as a pressman’s assistant for a regional newspaper when I was 18 years old. I moved up to the proofreading department when managers discovered I caught catch typos as we were developing printing plates. I found a better-paying job in the aerospace industry as a technical writer and illustrator for maintenance and deployment documents for military aircraft and equipment. I stayed in that field for about seven years. I entered the marketing field as a writer for a software publishing company upon graduating from Cal State Long Beach in 1981. I started freelancing about four years later.

“Heavypen” is my freelance moniker. I came up with the phrase in 1993 when a client asked me to describe my sense of responsibility to my clients. I launched in 1997 as an online marketing communications agency. At the time, few public relations consultants included social media and SEO management as part of their usual line up of services. Currently, my work as a freelance writer involves composing, editing, and publishing content for my clients (online and print). I consult on marketing communication strategies and plan complete marketing campaigns. I have done considerable work forming my own SEO/SERP methodology. I also design WordPress websites and create videos (I have about 15 years of video editing experience).

Among my major freelance work: Subir Chowdhury (author, business guru), Greenway Design Group (Cool-n-Save), Aperture Health, World Trade Center Association, Texas Instruments, Sun MicroSystems, SonicWall, among many others. I also work with agencies that require specialized content creation and SEO/SERP management.

Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills

Recruited by the agency to produce content for the agency’s clients, ghost blogging, social media graphics, and videos. I am the resident consultant for SEO/SERP and WordPress operations. Among the clients serviced: a media personality and home lifestyles consultant who serves clients who live in the Beverly Hills-Brentwood area. I produce a weekly blog in collaboration with the client, covering a wide range of lifestyle and culinary topics. I produce photos, graphics, and videos; a leading neurosurgeon who specializes in disorders of the spine. He’s also a leading advocate for artificial disc replacement surgery. I maintain a bi-weekly blog that requires that I translate medical procedures and terminology into narratives that are easy for prospective patients to read. I also produce graphics and videos. My work results in higher traffic and visibility for these clients. As a result, my work contracts have been extended for several years.

1EZ Consulting Services, Inc.

Recruited by the agency to help with large content creation and development projects. I am also the agency’s principal writer and public relations consultant. Most of my work for the agency is content creation and development. Client highlights include:

Clean Energy Fuels, Inc.: The company specializes in building and maintaining unattended CNG and LNG fueling stations. They hired me for three-years to produce technical manuals and training guides, which resulted in greater training effectiveness and productivity from staff.

National Fibromyalgia Association: Nonprofit health advocacy organization focused on the millions of people who suffer from “FM.” I assist in public relations and social media (limited to planning messaging campaigns) which resulted in greater fundraising activity.

Aestheticare Cosmetic Surgery Institute: The original site content written at a very high reading level (clinical-medical terminology, long sentences). I rewrote site content so that it matched the target audience which resulted in greater site ranking and inquiry conversion.

John Wayne Airport: The writer for most of the website when the agency was commissioned to design a new site in 2013.

WollnerStudios, Inc.

I had a long association with Michael Wollner, an award-winning graphic designer and founder of the agency. We worked together for more than 10 years as branding and marketing communications specialists. We developed campaigns for clients in aerospace, education, hospitality, lodging, financial/insurance services, and commercial real estate development. Responsible for all writing/editing, I also led all of our research, marketing communications and public relations activities. Among our client highlights:

Millennium Space Systems: Among the leaders in the re-emerging U.S. aerospace industry, specializing in flight systems and satellite design/building. Michael and I are currently creating a new website for the company and assisting them with rebranding efforts.

Marriott Los Angeles Downtown Redevelopment Plan: Co-researched and wrote 200+ page strategic business plan. Created “LA Touch” marketing campaign. Worked with the owner’s financial representatives to assist with financial analysis, constructed spreadsheet. For Hotel Ventures, Inc. and Bedian International, Inc.

Bowermaster and Associates: Co-researcher of the branding assessment and made recommendations for client’s efforts to modernize. I interviewed clients and in-house executives for responses and ideas. The agency delivered a new logo, corporate ID package, and website.

UGMC Stone, Inc.: Created a new corporate communications package for the company, researched and wrote presentation documents and content for a website.

Cal Neva Resort and Casino Redevelopment/Rebranding Plan: Co-researched and wrote an 80-page strategic plan for investors and developer. For Hotel Ventures, Inc. and Bedian International, Inc.

Atrium (Duxiana) Hotel, Las Vegas Redevelopment/Rebranding Plan: research and all writing for 160+ page business plan. Worked closely with owner and owner’s financial representatives to construct property commercial viability analysis. For Bedian International, Inc.

Greenway Design Group, Inc.

I managed the company’s core brand – Cool-n-Save – and all communications for this company, including marketing (design/implementation) and public relations (media/investor). I worked directly with the senior executives of the company (publicly traded). I planned communications strategies and programs. I designed and produced nearly all of the company ID materials including logos, packaging, websites, collateral materials, and videos. Among highlights during my time with the company:

TechAmerica/Harvey Mudd College 2011 High Tech Engineering Award: I wrote the nominating materials and made oral presentations regarding the company’s patented energy-saving technology to engineers at Harvey Mudd College. My work caused Greenway to win the highest honor from out of more than 100 nominees.
Investor Relations: The company recently went public and began trading public stock March 2011. I prepared investor overviews, a 50-page private placement memorandum that was used to raise more than $15 million.

Redesigned Corporate ID, Branding, Packaging: An effort that began almost immediately to redo all of the company’s retail and b2b branding including the company logo, product logos, other branding elements, websites, literature and support documents.

Aperture Health, Inc.

Recruited by the company to manage all marketing communications. The company was engaged in promoting online wellness with information and incentives to more than 400,000 opt-in members. I managed all content development for the company’s membership website, marketing communications including special events and investor relations, developed publications for dissemination to members and employers, maintained SEO campaign and managed regular press release submissions in support of the company’s investor relations and stock reporting requirements. The company was forced to downsize and retained me as a consultant until 2009.

HRA360: Co-researched and designed a detailed health risk assessment survey. Created the test form, database, and results criteria (personal and corporate results). At the time of launch, this program was one of the company’s most popular ‘free’ services.

Video Package: I produced a 20-minute “tour” video for the company with actor John Schneider. The “tour” video included testimonials and demonstrations, two 30 second commercials that generated hundreds of company inquiries and thousands of individual member sign-ups.

Wellness360 Magazine: Developed a prototype magazine for evaluation by the board of directors and investors. Credited as “executive editor.” Researched the revenue model and created advertising fee schedule, financial production analysis. Generated editorial calendar and media kit. Assigned stories, managed all writers and photographer. Worked with corporation attorneys and accountants to create economic production analysis.

WTCA – Business Tourism

Recruited by investors to lead an international marketing communications program a special project sponsored by the World Trade Centers Association in New York City. My job was to promote branded business tourism services designed to encourage international commerce. I was the keynote speaker for all WTCA Business Tourism events (1997-1999) that were held in various locations in the U.S. and in Spain (Seville, Barcelona), France (Lyons), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa), South Korea (Seoul), and Italy (Trieste).

I scheduled, organized, and managed appearances at trade shows and other public events and, at the height of the project, managed a staff of two travel advisers and five travel writers. I scheduled, organized, and led 11 ‘business tourism missions’ to Europe, Asia, and in the United States that resulted in 85 sign-ups for our business tourism destination services.

A Keynote Presenter and Presenter

As keynote presenter for all WTCA-sponsored “business tourism” events held in Europe, Asia, and North America, my presentations were often presented to large audiences – some as large as 300 people. Presentations included regular appearances at annual General Assembly meetings and bi-annual WTCA board of directors meetings. During my three-year involvement with the program, I produced and performed dozens of such presentations, complete with handouts, PowerPoint presentation, speech, and Q&A.

Produced and designed a WTCA branded membership website called “” The site featured online reservations (air, hotel, car rental) and was promoted as a business tourism service to the worldwide membership body. I also created an online “Business Tourism Magazine” that promoted member locations as business tourism destinations to non-members. Our work was presented to the WTCA membership body (about 120 centers worldwide) that produced the sales of thousands of airline tickets and hotel reservations.

Developed a prototype print magazine for evaluation by the board of directors and investors. Generated editorial schedule, advertising fee schedule. The work resulted in a slick catalog of 85 travel destinations in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Education, Honors

2004, Jack Kirby Award. In recognition for ongoing work as a writer/historian and preservation of the cultural legacy of American comic books (Projects: “The Art of Jack Kirby,” “Conversations with Jack,” and “Captain Marvel Culture”).

2003, Emergency Teacher Credentials, State of California. Declared specialty in English and History. Registered with Orange County Dept. of Education.

1997, Proclamation by the Orange County Board of Supervisors in recognition for “Volunteer Leadership in Education” for work performed on behalf of Netday96 and Project Tomorrow.

1988, Dale Carnegie – Public Speaking/Presenting, two 14-week training programs for the development of public speaking and public presentation skills; special citation for “Impromptu Speaking.”

1982, Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Long Beach; degree in Journalism with undeclared minors in Art History and Earth Science.

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